The search volume of a recently added keyword is not displayed directly.
Is it possible to fasten the process of getting the information of search volume for the keyword?


If the keyword is not included in the XOVI database, it has to be queried from Google, which may take a couple of days.
The search volume of the keyword may not be provided by Google, which will lead to the search volume never be displayed.

To check if a keyword is present in the XOVI databases navigate to Keyword > Keyword Analysis, enter the specific keyword in the corresponding input field and press Ok.

  • In case the keyword is present in the XOVI database, the search volume will be displayed directly

  • In case the keyword is not in the XOVI database, it will be offered to be added to the Monitoring module:


  • Add the keyword manually by navigating to Monitoring > Monitoring Keywords and add the keyword by clicking on Add keywords 

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